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Importation services

In this regard, be with Hordad Tejarat, the act of buying goods from the country of production and transporting them through trade to the customs territory of the destination country, is called import, the import itself is divided into several branches:

  • Definite entry
  • Temporary entry
  • Temporary import for processing

Definitive imports, in simple terms, are permanent imports, and imports are temporarily imported into the country for certain purposes. For example, goods that are brought to an exhibition only for display. Upon temporary entry for processing, the goods are temporarily imported into the customs territory to be manufactured, completed, repaired or processed and exported.

Steps of importing goods

In companies importing goods such as Hordad Tau International Trade, the import procedures are as follows
The increase in imports of goods into the country in recent years has increased the need to have a set of practical information for importers and traders. Mastering the laws of importing goods to Iran is in the field of specialization of commercial service companies, and Hordad Tejarat Trading and Clearance Company is among these companies.